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"Fractal Forest"

Private client,  12" x 14" acrylics on canvas, depicting the Fractal Forest soundstage at the Shambhala Music Festival

"All In The Family"

Privat client, family pets... Acrylics on gallery-wrapped canvas.


Private client, acrylics on a cast iron frying pan!


For Desert Surfside Waterfront in Osoyoos, BC

oils on gallery wrapped canvas

"Queen of Bohemia"  (Prague)

Private client, 18" x 24", oils on gallery wrapped canvas

"Edgar and Sheila"

Private client, family dogs ~ 11" x 14", Acrylics on canvas board

Private client, Heritage Keepsake Box, with coat of arms, family tartans, family badge (juniper) and date of first known ancestor on outside of box lid.

Inside of box lid, showing family crest, motto, place of origin (the Isle of Skye, Scotland) and family castle (Dunvegan). Acrylics on wood.

Private client, wooden wine case repurposed to a storage box for horse brushes, hoof picks, small tack and tools. Acrylics on wood.

Herd of running horses on the outer lid of the box, horseshoe and family initial on each side of the box, family name on the inside of lid.